Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reason #147

why I shouldn't leave the house dressed like a little teenager in furry boots: I run into an old crush.

Granted, this time I was "presentable" and not wearing sweats and messy hair, but I was definitely dressed as a kid in a loose dress, leggings, and very, very furry boots. Yup, I was right back in high school. Which is coincidentally where I first met said crush. Well I haven't seen this guy since high school, and it became infinitely clear that he did not recognize me. Since we were not exactly friends, but merely classmates, I didn't expect him to remember me, but at least a glance in my direction when we passed each other. Nope, not a head nod, a smile, or anything.

I think I fared better with the stranger-athlete at Waremart. Perhaps if I didn't look like I belonged in high school Mr. Old Crush would have said "hi".

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Done and done.

Yesterday at 3:10pm I officially ended my student-teaching career. One school year is not a career, you might say, but let me tell you something: I feel like student-teaching has sucked 10 years of my life. Now on a Saturday, not only do I NOT have to worry about which assignments to avoid grading (and later feel guilty about ), I also don't need to worry about what the kids are going to do in class on Monday (I actually haven't done that for weeks now....oops). It's hard leaving the 'teacher' mindset though. I keep catching myself worrying about assignments students still haven't turned in, or thinking that today's a school day and I'm late for work. These are the scars I wear. To be fair, I enjoyed teaching at Central, I honestly did. But Christmas break is a MUCH NEEDED escape from being utterly, prudishly, and boringly responsible.

I may not be a college student anymore, but I sure feel like acting like one. Give me a moment to discard my hefty master's degree for a day or two, and become a lowly college student once again. The land of irresponsibility, asking parents for money (which I refuse to do), and sleeping in because classes don't start until noon -- those were the good days.

No, I cannot shed the degree I earned through blood, sweat, and tears, but I can turn my attention to more important things, such as: sleeping in, reading my arsenal of books, crocheting, writing/sending Christmas cards, wrapping gifts, watching movies, writing my novels, and packing for my trip home tomorrow. :)

Have a wonderful Christmas break everyone!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reason #109

why I should never step out of the house looking like crap: I inevitably run into handsome strangers.

Strangers is the operative word in the sentence above. I don't care if I run into my friends looking like crap because I've already secured their friendship. They've already seen me in my comfy mode (aka: in sweats and no makeup). But strangers have no idea that I can, in fact, clean up pretty well and look presentable. First impressions are very important, and I may have just given a very bad first impression to this handsome athlete.

To be fair, I was relaxing indoors and didn't feel like being very feminine when I went to the store to get some baking supplies. My choice of appearance: sweatshirt, men's sweatpants, glasses, no makeup, messy damp hair. I was all set to walk down the catwalk. Looking as stellar as I did, I bumped into a guy that I had seen a couple times around town. Of course he would never greet a stranger that gave every appearance of being a hobo, but he was courteous enough to give a polite nod and smile in my direction. Ah, if only I wore real clothes and actually put a comb to my hair that morning.....maybe then I would have gotten a "hello".

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December thoughts

There's a reason why we're made the way we are. God had a definite plan when he decided to make me five feet tall instead of five-foot-eight. There's a reason I'm not model-shaped. There's a reason he gifted me with a voice to sing instead of fingers that fly across a keyboard. There's a reason I love sports but aren't especially talented at any of them.
There are some things that I am so impassioned about but can only watch from the sidelines. Music sets a part of my soul on fire with its rhythm, with its intricacies, with its flight between delicate notes and muscle depth. But all I can do is appreciate its worth. Sure I can sing, but I want more -- I want to play the language of the instrument.
Sports has never been something I can watch from the sidelines. I have this deep-seated need to participate whenever possible. As much as I enjoy playing soccer or rugby, I can not claim true skill or talent in either of them. I understand soccer through and through -- can see where the passing lanes are, calculate and execute a kick and compensate for foul weather, anticipate the opponent's move -- but I cannot react in time to do much good for my team. Yeah, I owe it all to my disastrous athleticism. I hate running more than I can say. I wish I could naturally run without getting tired five minutes later, but it is simply not the case. I don't mind lifting weights, doing a bit of kickboxing or maybe even some dance-aerobics, but straight running makes me cringe. So I must settle for being one of those overweight coaches who yells at her team from the side.
No worries, I've already become that woman -- complete with clipboard and whistle. It's a not-so-beautiful sight.